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School of Public Health ,Guizhou Medical University

School of public health was set up in 1958. After decades efforts, it has become a center of education,research and public service in the preventive medicine field at Guizhou Province. A complete talent training system has been formed, including bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctorate degree. There are 81 academic staff members, in which 63 are teachers with 93.65% of master’s degree or doctoral degree, and the average age of all staffs is 37.8 years old. There are 28 professors and associate professors, and 1 is doctoral supervisors and 43 are master supervisors.

At present, there are several programs in the school, including 1 PhD program in first-class discipline (Public Health and Preventive Medicine), 1 PhD program in second-class discipline (toxicology), 2 MS program in first-class discipline (Public Health and Preventive Medicine and 1 MPH program(Master of Public Health)), and 6 MS programs in second-class discipline (Occupational and Environmental Health Science, Toxicology, Maternal and Childhood Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Social medicine and health care management). The school has 1 key subjects of provincial characteristics(Public health and Preventive Medicine), 1 provincial-level first class disciplines(Public health and Preventive Medicine)2 university key disciplines (Toxicology, Environmental Health Science), 2 provincial excelsior courses (Environmental Health Science, Nutrition and Food Hygiene), 4 university excelsior courses and 1 university course of excellence in bilingual teaching, as well as 4 national and 6 provincial platform for teaching, research and social service【Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Disease Control, National Public Health Experimental Teaching Center of Guizhou Medical University, etc.】.

There are three specialties for undergraduate program, Preventive Medicine (including the direction of Maternal and Childhood Health) , Public Health Management and Health Inspection in school. 36 teaching practice bases outside campus are from Health Supervision Bureau and CDC in different areas of Guizhou. So far, 2860 undergraduates, 430 master students and 21 PhD students have been trained and transported for the state and society. There are totally 1426 students in the school, with 1267 undergraduate students, 153 master degree students and 6 PhD students.

In the past 5 years, this academic degree has undertaken 108 scientific research projects that include 36 Chinese National Natural Science Foundation projects (1 key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 1 sub projects of the national key R & D project), 44 Provincial and Ministerial Scientific Research Projects. The research fund is more than 33.0642 million RMB. The School faculty has published about 257 research articles, with 31 cited by SCI. The staff members also serve as the chief editor or co-editor participated in more than 30 works and textbooks. The school has made great efforts to develop international science communion and collaboration, more than 20 teachers have been visiting scholars in the universities and the institutes in the USA,France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Japan and Netherlands. The school has established friendly and collaborative relationships with these universities and institutes.

The Toxicity Testing Center of Guzhou Medical University has passed the China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) in 2001. Depending on some agencies in school, such as toxicity testing center, the platform mentioned above, teacher training base for health education of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in Guizhou Province and Guizhou Environmental Mutagen Society (GEMS), we carry out the social service by exerting the preponderance of specialty, make our contribution to economy development and public health of Guizhou.


School of Public Health,Guizhou Medical University

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